Kassidy Dennison

professional barrel racer

Women's Professional Barrel Racer




Sprit Ed. is a movement....


As the founder of Spirit Ed. in partnership with Indigenous Ingenuity, LLC. I want to focus on empowering young indigenous women and youth. As we are trying to make it though everyday life, being an indigenous in the modern day society can be challenging. As we raise the expectation of ourselves as Indigenous Women, we can raise the expectation of our children, our partners and our leaders. We as women are the leaders, educators, makers and teachers of the home, so how do we become good women? We are born with the ability, Spirit Ed. assist to embracing and igniting these skills. 

Our mission at Sprit Education, "Sprit Ed." is to inspire & educate indigenous women and peoples to take ownership of empowerment, self identity and leadership. These are roles that we are born with naturally. In order to help balance and maintain our lives, home and communities we must know all the significant roles we have in today's society. 
Our vision at "Spirt Ed." is to unite indigenous women through education and self empowerment. We want to teach the importance of maintaining balance and harmony. These essential skills can be used as continues improvement for generational cycles. Our vision is to create inspiring connections with our indigenous people's hopes, dreams and desires. We want more ingenious women to revitalize their self identity as leaders. 


Raise the awareness of the importance of being a strong Native American, by educating ourselves, creating a specific focus and using spiritual activity to connect to our soul.

#SpiritEd Connect to your soul.

For more information on public speaking, clinics, please email kassidydennison@gmail.com. 


You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win, & prepare to win. Then and only you can legitimately expect to win --Zig Ziglar