Kassidy Dennison

professional barrel racer

Women's Professional Barrel Racer



Indian Princess Boutique

Welcome to Indian Princess Boutique...in this boutique I envision a collection of statement pieces of authentic Native American Jewelry. I want to keep you updated with the current and new treads of cowgirl fashion. I love fashion and I much more love functional fashion, where you as a cowgirl or a significant other of a cowboy can still look lovely and carry hay and buckets of water without worrying about ruining the outfit. For me functional fashion is cleaning stalls and then going to the movies, dinner date, and even hanging out on a girls day. On this site I want to share with you unique outfits inspirations and styled by myself Kassidy Dennison.  I collect a variety of local Native American jewelry and mixing and matching the unique statement  pieces with clothing is one of my passions.  Follow Us on Instagram @IndianPrincessBoutique for the latest updates and outfit of the day "OOTD" inspirations.  Happy Shopping.

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